Our upcycled Beachy sweater collection was inspired by and for our coastlines. Not only did the beauty of the coast inspire the shapes and colors of the collection, but our love for the ocean also inspired the sustainable process we used to create the collection.

The shapes in the Beachy patch sweaters reflect the shapes and colors of the sun, sky, and sea. The colors of the sweaters that sourced for this collection reflect sandy hues and water blues.


The sustainable process

Up-cycling the most sustainable way of creating new fashion, and help prevent garments from ending up in landfills. By cutting, sewing, and repairing clothing we give garments a second life as unique wearable art. We also are not spewing any harmful chemicals into our waterways and oceans by using this reworking process.

All of our clothing is sourced and made in Southern California. Keeping production close to home not only infuses our styles with California sunshine, but it also helps to reduce carbon emissions.


Collection Styles

Since this collection is upcycled, each sweater is a one of a kind design! This small batch collection only includes 24 pieces. Our mission at eMpulse is to find the softest most sustainable threads we can get our hands on, and that’s exactly what we did with these sweaters! We love how these pieces have that perfect worn-in feel.

With this collection (and all our threads!) you can rock a unique piece of wearable art and feel good knowing it has a positive impact on our oceans and planet!

October 23, 2022 — Emily Karrer