The letter size of our genderless clothing is measured to industry "standard men's" sizing.

For some of our styles we have listed specific measurements in the product descriptions. You can use the Measurement Guide below to reference the measurements listed on product descriptions:

Shoulder: Measured on back along upper shoulders, from one shoulder seam across to other shoulder seam.

Length: Measured from high point of collar seam to edge of product on front side. 

Shoulder/Sleeve or Full Sleeve: Measured from collar seam to edge of cuff (used for sweatshirts and less structured styles that may feature a dropped shoulder seam)

Sleeve: Measured from shoulder seam to edge of cuff (used for more structured styles like jackets and flannels)

Width: Measure on front, across in middle

Waistband:  Measure on flat surface from side to side of waistband (used for pants, jumpers & overalls). 

Tip:  Measure one of your fave styles at home, to see what measurements you like the fit of! You can also shoot us an email ( if you have any questions about fit, we would be happy to help you.