Our Coastal Elements Collection is a mini collection within our Electric Summer 2022 collection! Our brand is currently inspired by the 80s and 90s era, which is reflected in this colorful collection. The 80s surf culture really shines through with the electric colors and shapes found on these genderless styles.

The three styles in the collection, Pocket Shorts, Retro Wave Shirt, and the Retro Sunshine Shirt, are all made from repurposed content! The deadstock organic cotton fabric, used for the two shirts, was digitally printed with Em’s, the founder/designer of eMpulse, original art work. The striped sunshine and wave art Em created was not only influenced by the 80s, but also by the elements of the coastline.

We were so stoked to find super soft deadstock fabric for the shirts, and the fact that it ended up being organic cotton! We love organic cotton because the cotton was farmed without the use of harmful pesticides.

We chose to digitally print our art onto the fabric to reduce runoff. In addition, the ink used is reactive dye, which has the highest rate of absorption, also reducing run-off. Check out out dye blog to learn more about dyes!

For our shorts design, we were stoked to work with a production team that recycles cotton waste! The team is located in LA and gathers excess cotton that would otherwise be discarded form a larger fabric production team. The team then weaves the collected cotton into fabric, right there in LA.  This wonderful local up-cycling process creates an amazing soft fabric that works perfectly for our pocket short design!

The shorts and shirts make the perfect go-to set to relax and live in all summer long! These unique and sustainable styles were created as wearable art that you won’t find anywhere else! 

Check out the collection here

July 27, 2022 — Emily Karrer