Cali Fall

Our Fall collection was inspired by golden hours spent on the coast of our Southern California hometown, Ocean Beach. The layers in our new collection are perfect to throw on and stay for sunset during our “Cali Fall”. From our cozy flannels to our hemp beanies, this collection has got you covered on your Fall go-to favorites!

All of the flannels are unique and one of a kind creations, handmade by eM in her home studio. Our original “Zip Split” style is back this Fall, along with to two new mixed flannel styles to bring you plenty of colors and patterns to choose from!

Sustainably made in California: Up-cycled, Deadstock, and Hemp

Our up-cycling process for the flannels is not only to most sustainable way to create “new” fashion, but it also helps to eliminate clothes from ending up in landfills. Excess flannel fabric was also used to create new flannel scrunchies, as a part of our accessory line and a way to eliminate waste. 

In addition to the up-cycled flannels fabrics in this collection, we have also introduced deadstock fabric and materials for our new fanny pack design! Deadstock fabrics and materials are excess supplies from large fashion companies, who often over estimate their supply need for their mass production (one of the many issues in the Fast Fashion industry). The denim deadstock fabric we found during our deadstock treasure hunting, is a dark navy that is not only versatile, but can be used year round. The colors variations of the front zippers are fun options to choose from and are the result of our deadstock material selection, which can often bring forth inconsistencies (or in our eyes limited edition options). 

Another new addition to our fabric palate this season, is hemp! We are excited to be working with hemp for our new beanies, as it is argued to be the most sustainable natural fiber option. In addition to hemp, we have used scrap fabrics, including denim, flannel, and vintage for details on our eMpulse beanie tags. 

Flannel: A Unisex Style

Flannels are one of our favorite styles to rock and are a unisex design, as are all of our clothes. In our eyes, clothes don’t have a gender and we don't feel a need to put gender labels on clothing. We think styles should be selected based on an individuals own identity and how they want to express themselves. One of our goals is to create clothing that is open for translation to whomever identifies with our styles. 

October 13, 2020 — Emily Karrer