Save the Fishies!

With our oceans in mind, Emily (or eM, owner/designer of eMpulse) created the “Save the Fishies” collection as sustainably as possibly, using re-purposed materials. Our most recent collection, includes up-cycled crops, t-shirts and sweatshirts!  

SD Coast Keeper

As eM created the “Fishies” art, she couldn't help but think how this collection could give back to marine life. We are excited to announce our latest “Save the Fishies” collection is donating 10% of our profits to San Diego Coast Keeper! We love this local nonprofit and all their work they do to protect and restore our waters and coastline! Not only does SD Coastkeeper address emerging threats and host restorative clean-ups, but they also provide learning experiences for children and engage the public and decision-makers on specific local water issues and solutions.

 Sustainably Made in California

What makes our “Save the Fishies” collection extra special, besides the fact that it gives back to our fishies friends, is that since the styles are up-cycled, they are also one of a kind creations! Each piece of wearable art is handmade by our team, in California, keeping our coastlines in mind each step of the way.  

The up-cycling process, which is always our first choice of production, is the most sustainable method of creating fashion. Up-cycling (our process includes repurposing materials, redesigning discarded clothes, and repairing unwanted clothing) is such a sustainable process because it uses materials that are already available (and usually discarded), prevents clothing from ending up in landfills, and has minimal waste!   

Thank you for tuning in to our blog on our latest “Save the Fishies” collection and supporting our sustainable fashion mission!


Stay Ocean Minded,

The eMpulse Team



You can shop the collection here: and find our more about the organizations we have donated to, including:

1. SD Coastkeeper 

2. Changing Tides Foundation 


September 10, 2020 — Emily Karrer