Plant Dyed Tees


Inspired by and for our Earth

We are inspired by and for our Earth. Our clothing is designed with the most eco-friendly methods and ingredients we can get our hands on, so that we have the lowest possible impact on our environment. 

We are so excited to introduce our collaboration with Hannah Ross, from Hanoux natural dyes, to create our new Cactus Jams and Beach Dreamer t-shirts with plant dyes! Her expertise with the ancient craft of natural dying is the perfect partnership for our sustainable t-shirt vision!

Our GOTS certified organic cotton t-shirts were plant dyed in small batches by Hannah and her assistant, in New York. Our muted Beach Dreamer tees were dyed with avocado, iron, and cutch. Our earth Cactus Jams tees were dyed with indigo and osage wood. Our talented plant dyer only uses ethically sourced ingredients for her plant dyes and puts so much love and time into this “slow fashion” process. 

Each shirt is hand dyed and hand printed creating one of a kind pieces of wearable art that you won't want to take off you skin!

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More on Dyes

Whenever possible, we choose plant dyes over synthetic dyes, to eliminate chemicals that both effect our body (through our skin), the environment, and communities near dye house facilities (specifically in countries without regulations). We are currently researching low-impact synthetic dyes, the regulations surrounding them, and the highest level of certification that can be achieved with the use of them in the U.S. We will be blogging when we have gathered a comprehensive collection of information, as this information is not transparent from production teams and other "sustainable brands".


Constantly Questioning the Norm, 

eM and the eMpulse Team