We are so stoked on our recent Spring 2023 sweater collection!! We love creating these one of a kind sweaters with unique patches made from vintage fabrics! By upcycling the sweaters and choosing vintage fabrics for the patches, we can truly claim these to be 100% repurposed and sustainable.

This recent sweater drop includes vintage fabric from the 70s and 80s. The 70s is a new era for us to dip into, as we are usually finding inspiration from the 80s and 90s, but we just couldn't resist this colorful floral textile!

This collection also includes “Marine Life” and “Surfin” fabrics from the 80s, as well as our repurposed “Wave” fabric from our past Retro Wave t-shirt project. All of these patches add a truly retro vibe to these sweaters, which we are all about!


As always, these threads were hand crafted here in San Diego, and were made by our founder, Em! After sourcing sweaters and fabrics, which can take month, this creation process includes cutting and sewing the up cycled sweaters, hand making the patches, and then sewing patches onto the sweaters. Each sweater is then measured and resized, as the sweaters have almost always changed shape and size from their original size it was created as.

We love creating wearable art that you can wear with sustainable and ethical confidence, knowing they are made by our local team with repurposed materials! These colorful comfy styles are genderless, one of a kind, and great to layer on and off year round! Grab your favorite style while you can… SHOP HERE

May 12, 2023 — Emily Karrer