We really embraced a retro tropical vibe for our summer styles this year! We took almost a year to source enough materials to make these upcycled styles, creating limited edition one of a kind pieces. Everything was hand made with repurposed clothing between LA and San Diego, California. 

Stripes and tropical prints are a consistent theme for our summer collection. Our cropped striped button-ups are cut with the perfect boxy shape. We brought this best selling style back from last summer, and added a bit of length to make it more boxy and not as mid-drift bearing (pending your torso length) like last years "high-crop" style. We feel this boxy top will be a great style to wear year round! These one of a kind upcycled stylus were handmade by our team in LA. As always, we have measurements listed on each one of a kind style so you can check out the exact shape and size. Check out our measurement guide here

Our split button-up styles include tropical and denim/stripe combinations! We are always super picky with our fabrics, so you will only find flowy and light weight cottony feels here. These split button-ups are sized with a relax fit and are so fun to wear oversized too! We hand sourced each shirt and then cut, sewed, and repaired them into the up-cycled styles. Handmade in San Diego. 

We’ve been  living in our Wave Pocket Shorts this summer! They seem to match just about everything and are so comfy with pockets, and an adjustable elastic drawstring waistband. These shorts are sustainably made with recycled cotton and hand sewn by our team in LA.

To style up your threads, we have denim hats, seashell necklaces, reversible tote bags and more! Complete your look with our sustainable accessories here!

August 02, 2023 — Emily Karrer