About French Workwear Jackets 

The French workwear jacket was first created in the 19th century from a concept of high quality clothing for workers across all trades, as the industry started two develop. These jackets were traditionally made in an azure blue color and known as “bleu de travail” or chore jacket, though they could be found on browns and blacks depending on the trade. Our “Shell Seeker” jackets are upcycled brown and blue chore jackets with long and short length options. Work jackets were tougher to withstand manual labor and bigger tools and machines, and included pockets to carry tools or whatever workers needs for the day. (Clarke)

This high quality translates to longevity for consumers with these styles. These heirloom pieces have unique timeless details too. Some of the attributes I love are the boxy shape and the handy pockets! The variety of pockets were used for workers to carry tools and whatever they needed for the day (Clarke), which are stylish and useful to have as a consumer too! I also love the original wear and tear details on these repurposed vintage styles. After washing and drying, some original burn marks, small paint splatters, and light distressing can still be seen on some of these jackets.


The Inspiration and Production 

I often fantasize about my “work for the day” to be just strolling along seashores, collecting shells and treasures. Shell hunting brings me so much joy and peace and is what inspired these “Shell Seeker Jackets”.

Each repurposed vintage jacket has contrasting color sleeves, which was one of my cut and sew upcycled touches on this design. All of the shell and treasure prints were my original drawings that I carved into individual blocks. I then handprinted each jacket with each block to best fit each unique pocket jacket design. 


Limited Edition Collection

Each jacket is a nod to the history of the industrial revolution with a salty upcycled touch. The collision of a classic style and coastal inspiration makes these creations so unique.This extremely limited edition collection is available on our website.

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June 25, 2024 — Emily Karrer