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Save the Fishies Collection - Wildcoast Edition

Our most recent “Save the Fishies” collection raised funds for Wildcoast, an amazing nonprofit that conserves marine and coastal ecosystems. Their international team has a focus in Southern California and Mexico. They also work to address climate change through national solutions. You can learn more about their amazing work and donate directly on their website!

As a surfer and ocean lover, Em, owner and creator of eMpulse, releases a “Save the Fishies” collection a couple times a year to celebrate marine life and raise funds for amazing nonprofits. With each collection  Em always selects a non-profit that has a clean water and/or marine life conservation initiative to raise funds for. We’re so excited to send 10% of our proceeds to Wildcoast with this recent collection! 

This ocean minded collection was handmade in Southern California with upcycled t-shirts! We also added a “Save the Fishies” hat in this collection, which is made from organic cotton and locally embroidered. We try and keep as much of our manufacturing in Southern California as we can, and many of our styles are still handmade by Em in her San Diego home studio. Not only do we like to support local creators, but keeping manufacturing local also help reduce carbon emissions.

Our mission with eMpulse is to leave as little impact as possible on the environment in our clothing production. We up-cycle clothing as much as possible to prevent unwanted garments from ending up in landfills, and to use materials that already exist. We keep our oceans, coastlines, and marine life in mind with every step of our clothing design, production, and packaging. Our “Save the Fishies” tees are especially salty with our original Fishies art handprinted on each recycled tees! Since each shirt is re-purposed, it makes them one of a kind pieces of wearable art.

This collection is currently sold out, but stay tuned for the next “Save the Fishies” collection in 2022 and head over to Wildcoast’s website to donate directly and see how you can help save the fishies!