This year’s Retro Wave collection features handcrafted jackets with 80s vintage fabric details. Each up-cycled denim jacket was made by Em, owner and creator of eMpulse, in her home studio in San Diego. This collection is one of the most limited edition collections we’ve released with only three one of kind styles. This was such a fun and colorful creative process for Em and we hope you enjoy these retro vibes as much as we do!

Our up-cycled blazer (size medium), teal bomber jacket (size large), and Retro Wave denim jacket (size xs and xxxl) are the three unique styles that make up the collection. Each jacket features custom shaped 80s vintage fabric details as patches or collar lining. This limited edition collection sold so fast, before we could even write the blog, that we only have one size xs Retro Wave jacket left (at the time of publishing the blog). 

Not only does the vintage fabric from the 80s make this collection so unique and fun, but it also makes the collection sustainable. We not only used fabric that already exists for the detail fabric, but we also up-cycled denim jackets, making this collection completely our of re-purposed fabric.  

This collection truly reflects our mission to create unique pieces of wearable art out of sustainable fabrics that you can feel good about wearing! 

October 25, 2021 — Emily Karrer