Resources & Notes:

Check out our Instagram TV series "Keep Your Threads Fresh" to find out more tips and videos on how to make your clothes last longer through our Instagram page @_empulse_! Or here’s the link to our IG TV episode "Keep Your Threads Fresh: Laundry tips" :


*Here is a link to our favorite Microfiber filter (in the form of a ball) that you can just toss into your washer with your clothes to collect all those Microplastics before they head into our waterways:


Here is a link to a great eco-friendly cleaning brand that includes tablet laundry detergent and other household cleaning products. There’s no plastic packaging and all you do is add a laundry tablet to your wahser!



Here is a link to another eco-friendly laundry detergent that is in a plastic-free form of a strip:

October 27, 2020 — Emily Karrer