Save the Fishies!

When Em designed this ocean-minded collection, featuring our original retro fishies art prints and vintage fishie fabrics, she couldn’t help but think about the marine life she is so inspired by. Living on the coast gives us first hadn't experience in seeing the pollution and water run off that goes straight into our waterways and oceans, as well as the issues that threaten our coastlines. There’s a lot of ways we can help defend our coastlines and oceans, and one way we've chosen to help is donating a portion of sales from this collection to a local nonprofit with coastal preservation and clean water initiatives. 


Surfrider - San Diego Chapter

For this batch of our “Save the Fishies” collection we have selected San Diego Surfrider as the recipient of 10% of our sales. The Surfrider Foundations mission is “dedicated to the protection and enjoyments of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches” ( Surfrider fights for clean water, coastal preservation, beach access, ocean protection, and against plastic pollution. We are excited to raise funds for this local chapter through our sustainable styles! Check out their website to learn more about their amazing work, how you can get involved, or to donate directly:

With our past collections, we have also donated to: and ! Check out their websites to learn more, get involved, or donate directly!


Salty Sustainable Styles

Our “Save the Fishies” collection is full of completely up-cycled styles including cropped t-shirts, full length t-shirts, button-ups, and jackets. Everything is handmade in Ocean Beach, San Diego with re-purposed clothing and vintage fabrics. Our long sleeve button-ups and jacket features vintage fishies fabric details, that look like little windows into a tropical sea. The t-shirts all have the soft worn in feel and are ready to be your favorite every day tee! Each up-cycled style is a one of a kind piece of wearable art that you can look good and feel good wearing. 

Thanks for tuning into our blog on our latest “Save the Fishies” collection! We hope you love the new salty creations! 


Stay Salty, 

The eMpulse Team

March 19, 2021 — Kristy Karrer