Our Golden tees were inspired by magical golden hours spent at Sunset Cliffs. Our hometown in Ocean Beach, San Diego has some magical places to watch sunsets along our beautiful cliffs that overlook the ocean. Em was at at one of her favorite local beaches along the cliffs, when she drew up the graphic during a magical sunset. 


Plant Dyed Golden

The golden tees, of course, had to reflect that magical yellow-golden sunset glow! As always we wanted to create this t-shirt design as sustainably as possible, so we chose plant dyes over chemical infused synthetic dyes. 

We were so excited to collaborate with one of our favorite female natural dyers, Hannah over at Hanoux natural dyes! Hannah is amazing at achieving amazing colors with natural ingredients that are ethically harvested.


Hannah was able to achieve the plant texture we has described for this special shirt, to reflect the glimmering sunset over the ocean. You can see the plant matter throughout the all over golden hues of the shirt. These amazing handmade tees are all one of a kind with their own unique golden plant texture patterns.



As always we design with not only the environment in mind, but also comfort! We decided on organic cotton tees as our blank canvas for the golden t-shirt design. This watery soft fabric is GOTS certified so you can be assured that it is in fact organic! GOTS also takes into account ethical working conditions and fair pay when making the fabric. 


Stay Golden

From the golden hour inspired graphic to the unique dye patterns, these shirts are each their own piece of wearable art! These gender neutral styles are available in our signature relax-fit crop or full length. Your skin and the environment will thank you for choosing a super soft t-shirt design free of chemicals! 

May 26, 2021 — Emily Karrer