eMpulse Kids

Our kids collection has been in the planning process for what feels like forever, and we are so excited it’s finally here! Our bright pieces of wearable art have been calling to us, along with our customers, to create them in kids sizes. We also wanted to bring children the same benefits that our adult clothing provides, including chemical free dyes and pesticide free fabrics. Our sustainable children clothing is made with organic cotton and botanical dyes, keeping toxic chemicals off kids skin and the environment. 

Benefits of our all natural garments

Keeping harmful chemicals off our skin and the environment is one of our missions at eMpulse. We chose organic cotton fabric because not only is it derived from plants (instead of synthetic materials), but it also is not grown with pesticides. Check out the other benefits of organic cotton on our “Sourcing Organic Cotton” blog!

The advantages of plant dyes over synthetic chemical dyes is widespread, and unfortunately not the first choice of other clothing companies due to the slow fashion nature of the process. Our skin is our largest organ in our body and absorbs what we put on it, including the components of our clothing. By using all natural plant dyes, we eliminate chemicals from being absorbed into our skin. Botanical dyes are also said to be nonallergic which is another plus to these all natural hues. Check out our “Bye to Synthetic Dyes” blog to learn more about the impact of synthetic dyes on our environment. 

Botanically Dyed in California

In addition to the positive impact for our bodies and the environment, plant dyes are also aesthetically pleasing! We love the natural colors that plants bring to our original graphics, including blue from indigo and yellows from marigolds, weld and rhubarb. We collaborated with a local plant dyist, Kristen Morrison, in Oceanside, CA for our natural dye process. Each garment is dyed by hand, creating one of a kind pieces of wearable art! 

Crafted in a Small Batch

We made a very small batch of our kids line to test the waters and see what everyone liked! We have a few styles in each size, ranging from onesies, to toddler sizes, to youth sizes. So vote on what you want to see more of with a purchase from our kids collection! And an extra bonus to the kids collection, our Cactus Jams and Golden designs can be the cutest matching outfits for mom/dad and their children! 


September 19, 2021 — Emily Karrer